Madonna wants to do everything

Forget any of the music tours Madonna’s put together over the last two decades–come September 15, the former Material Girl will be in more than 100 countries simultaneously when her first-ever children’s book hits shelves worldwide.

English Roses will be a fairy tale that includes a few themes borrowed from the Kabbalah, the book of mystical teachings of the Jewish religion. It’s to be the first of a five-volume set, each of which will be illustrated by a different famous artist. Madonna will be on hand in Paris to unveil the first book, and will likely have a book-signing event to help publicize the event. Publishers are hopeful that English Roses will have crossover appeal to adults, a trend begun over the last few years by the wild success of the Harry Potter series.

Madonna says that she sees life as full of opportunities and she plans to take advantage of them all. “I want to do everything,” Madonna says. “I want to write. I want to direct, you know, I want to go on tour again. I want to make more music. I want to read more books. I want to travel more. I want to do everything.”

Source: Yahoo! Launch