Ritchie film canned for kabbalah

Kabbalah may be bringing light to the world but it’s not bringing in the work for Guy Ritchie. His latest project, Revolver, unsurprisingly a crime caper, was turned down by Sony bosses who feared it contained too many references to the particular brand of Jewish mysticism favoured by the wife. ‘It made Sony very uncomfortable,’ a source revealed. ‘Kabbalah is seen as a kind of cult in some circles and no one wanted to be associated with it.’

The mockney director has seen his Hollywood currency depreciate since his Lock Stock heyday, with a string of inferior films including the Madonna-vehicle Swept Away, which went straight to video. This may explain his willingness to bow to studio pressure and compromise his artistic credibility by rewriting the script on his agents’ say-so. But within days the director had fired agents William Morris and let it be known the rewrite would also be abandoned. ‘Guy apparently felt he had to be true to his kabbalah beliefs and not stick with the rewrite,’ confirmed the spy. No doubt his wife felt even more strongly than that. Ritchie has since joined more kabbalah-friendly agents – her Madge’s.

Source: PeopleNews